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Climbr Double Rope Lanyard with Snap Hook & Scaffold Hooks

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A popular lanyard for workers who scale ladders to access machinery, silos, plant and roofs. At only 0.9M long, the ClimbR twin tailed rope lanyard supports continuous 3-point connection while climbing to reduce the risk of a fall and the compact legs provide unhindered movement.

The ZERO energy absorption system rapidly reduces energy in a fall and the heavy-duty cover protects the lanyard from environmental damages.

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  • ZERO® energy absorption system.
  • Twin 12mm rope tails.
  • 0.9M length.
  • Polyester construction.
  • 2x double action scaffold hooks (rated to 20kN).
  • 1x snap hook connector (rated to 20kN).
  • Heavy-duty protective energy absorber cover.


  • Rating: Fall Arrest
  • Lifespan: 10 Years
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Dimensions: 0.9m / 1.5m
  • Materials: Polyester construction
  • Safety Standard: AS/NZS 1891.1:2007, EN 354:2010, EN 355:2002

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007 Harness and ancillary equipment

  • Sku: LCZ02R5/009
  • Vendor: ZERO
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Climbr Double Rope Lanyard with Snap Hook & Scaffold Hooks


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