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Turbochest Chest Ascender

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The Turbochest incorporates two proprietary rollers for a smooth interface with the rope to support climbing efficiency by making the upward glide much smoother.

Reducing wear and tear on the device where the rope tends to rub on the body of a traditional ascender, the perfectly profiled closure keeps the rope in line with the body of the device and the rollers to prevent the rope from escaping the device.

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For rope diameter 8 to 13mm.

Ability to lock the device open.

This configuration is not intended for hauling or securing of bodies.

Max hauling load of 50kg.


  • Rating: 15kn
  • Lifespan:
  • Weight: 110g
  • Dimensions:
  • Materials:
  • Safety Standard:

EN 12841 B for semi-static ropes ranging from 10 to 13 mm.
EN 567 for semi-static and dynamic ropes ranging from 8 to 13 mm.

  • Sku: 225601
  • Vendor: CAMP
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Turbochest Chest Ascender


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